Fun with the #veepdebate

Tonight’s Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and GOP challenger Paul Ryan is fast approaching – kicking off in less than two hours – but that won’t stop us from getting prepared for all of the bluster we’re sure to hear from both candidates tonight. So what better way to follow than to have a little fun? Above is WNYC’s debate bingo card to keep you interested in what the candidates are saying. If you’re not quite as worried about making it to the end of the debate, there are also a variety of drinking games.

But our own Richard Roeper has his own drinking game he’s sharing with us and with you.

You often hear about supposed ‘drinking games’ tied to the viewing experience of popular TV shows, e.g., when you’re watching Homeland, you have to take a shot every time Carrie exclaims, “Abu Nazir!” (Be careful, you might kill yourself.)

Not that we’d ever advocate drinking beyond moderation while watching the vice-presidential debate, but if you WERE going to engage in such a ritual, how about taking a drink when either candidate:

  • Tells a folksy anecdote about a real-life person, e.g., “Our plan is designed to help people such as Mimi Anyvoter, a 47-year-old schoolteacher from Cincinnati who has a son stationed overseas. Mimi recently approached me at a campaign rally…”
  • Mentions a swing state. (It could very well be a ‘two-fer,’ in which the individual featured in the Regular Person Anecdote just happens to be from a swing state.)
  • Crowbars in a reference to Big Bird or some other character or personality from a Public Television program.
  • Tells a self-deprecating or moving story about himself and/or his family, designed to illustrate how Americans can overcome challenges and preserve if only given the chance.
  • Recites a pre-written joke with a slightly dated pop culture reference.
  • Concludes the proceedings with some variation on, “Thank you and God bless America.”

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