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Oberweis: ‘I made statements and commercials that I regretted’

Wealthy dairy magnate and Republican state Sen. Jim Oberweis officially announces he’s in the race for U.S. Senate through an unusual video that’s part apology.

Oberweis on Friday released a lengthy video detailing his history as a candidate.

“Some people are going to want to talk about my mistakes as a candidate over the last 10 years,” Oberweis says to the camera. “I made statements and commercials that I regretted and I’ve said so.”

Oberweis tells the Sun-Times on Friday he plans to file his nominating petitions on Monday. He points to his 19 grandchildren — 14 of whom live in Illinois — as his reason for a run.

“I believe I understand what motivates entrepreneurs and businessmen,” Oberweis tells the Sun-Times. “My opponent, Mr. Durbin, is a career politician who’s been in Washington for 31 years, that’s just way too long. I made a decision about 30 days ago to go forward and circulate petitions … But clearly, Obamacare is a symptom of the mess we have going on in Washington D.C.”

Asked about the Sun-Times recent report about his wife voting from Florida, Oberweis said

she lives there six months out of the year.

“Why is she registered in Florida? Maybe you want to ask her. She’s a grown woman, she makes her own decisions but I think the key is before I was elected to the state Senate, we started spending a lot of time in Florida. I went back and forth quite often, she stayed in Florida,” Oberweis tells the Sun-Times. “I’ve been in the state Senate every day the Senate has been in session.”