Obama trying to take focus off Healthcare.gov

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President Barack Obama will try to throw the spotlight from the botched launch of Healthcare.gov to the benefits of his Affordable Care Act at about 2:30 p.m. ET event Tuesday at the White House. The idea is the basic benefits of Obamacare were overshadowed by the initial non-functioning most of the time of Healthcare.gov and an uproar caused by people who found they could not renew their policies–a by-product of Obamacare.

GOP House members are back in Washington after a Thanksgiving break and are pondering a variety of “fixes” in Obamacare just as deadlines approach for enrolling in the health insurance plan.

From the White House:

Today at approximately 2:30 pm eastern, President Obama will hold an event at

the White House to deliver remarks about the Affordable Care Act, highlighting

the benefits that have already kicked in for millions of middle class families

who have insurance and the importance of continuing to help as many hardworking

Americans as possible enroll for their new health care options through the

Marketplaces. Americans who have personally benefitted from the health care law

and supporters of reform will join the President at the event.

As our work continues to improve HealthCare.gov, more Americans are signing up

for insurance every day and already benefiting from the health care law. In his

remarks, the President will discuss the ongoing work to strengthen the website

and reach Americans seeking these new health care options. He will also focus

attention back on the core principles of reform that have been lost in the

attention on the website, and invoke the successes that are already flowing from

the law and what it means for the millions of Americans who are already directly

benefitting. And he will make clear what the cost of repealing the law would be

for these middle class families who have already begun to rely on these


As the President has repeatedly said, he wants to work with anyone who shares

our interest in implementing and improving this law – but repealing it and going

back to the way things used to be would be the wrong direction for our country

and the middle class families who are already benefitting.

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