Pro-Walsh Super-PAC gets most of its money from group Walsh helped start

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U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh, who is running for reelection in the 8th Congresional District, helped “launch” a group that is now the biggest contributor to the SuperPAC trying to take down his opponent Tammy Duckworth.

Americans for Limited Government has pumped $1.9 million into the Now or Never SuperPAC, a recent disclosure shows. Walsh says in his Web site that he helped launch Americans for Limited Government.

A 2009 New York Times article profiled the group saying:

“Americans for Limited Government does not specialize in nuance. A recent e-mail message labeled Mr. Obama “the biggest liar of all,” and a piece on Mr. Obama’s enthusiasm for the national volunteer service agency AmeriCorps suggested a parallel with Hitler Youth.”

From the Duckworth campaign:

Largest Donors to Walsh’s Super PAC Attacking Tammy Duckworth Belong

to Right-Wing Fringe

Joe Walsh was the only Congressman from Illinois to oppose the Transportation Bill and has received nearly $2 million in backing from an extremist group he helped launch that also opposed the Transportation Bill

ROLLING MEADOWS – Now or Never, a shadowy Super PAC spending millions on false, misleading negative ads attacking Tammy Duckworth, was forced to file a partial financial disclosure with the FEC. Now or Never’sfiling exposed the right-wing group Americans for Limited Government (ALG) as the primary funders behindNow or Never and Joe Walsh. ALG keeps the names of their donors secret, but their priorities are clearly in line with the Tea Party and extreme right.

In fact, Congressman Walsh helped launch ALG and is in line with their far right-wing, offensive, and often illegal agenda. ALG has a long history of saying and proposing outrageous ideas – similar to those advocated by Joe Walsh.

According to the Center for Public Integrity, ALG was forced out of Illinois for running afoul of the state’s charity laws. The Illinois Secretary of State revoked ALG’s authority to do business in the state.…

“If you ever scratched your head and wondered why Joe Walsh would vote against the interest of his own constituency time and again – now you know why,” said Duckworth for Congress Campaign Manager Kaitlin Fahey. “Joe Walsh has been bought and paid for by some of the wealthiest and right-wing fringe characters in America.”

Americans for Limited Government and Congressman Walsh on the Issues

Side by Side

Now or Never, funded by Americans for Limited Government, suddenly pours millions of dollars into negative ads against Tammy Duckworth.

ALG opposed the transportation bill…

ALG called Social Security and Medicare “ponzi Schemes”‘s-‘ponzi-scheme’-diagnosis-is-accurate/

ALG’s Chairman calls for the elimination of the Department of Education

ALG’s Spokesman called the President Obama “Uncle Obama”

ALG’s Chairman called President Obama a “Nouveau Fascist”

ALG’s President said President Obama was “the greatest threat ever to Freedom and Democratic Rule”

ALC Chairman “Skirted” Campaign Finance Limits.…

ALG compared carbon regulations to bombing Pearl Harbor and claimed data behind climate change was “manipulated and exaggerated”.…

Congressman Walsh helped launchAmericans for Limited Government

Congressman Walsh voted against the transportation bill…

Congressman Walsh called Medicare and Social Security “ponzi schemes”….

Congressman Walsh has called for the elimination of the Department of Education…

Congressman Walsh called President Obama “Son”

Congressman Walsh called President Obama a “tyrant”…

Congressman Walsh called President Obama a “liar”

Congressman Walsh does not believe in campaign finance limits.

Congressman Walsh questions the science behind climate change.

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