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Conservative SuperPAC jumps back into Duckworth-Walsh congressional race

Reporting with Natasha Korecki

A SuperPAC that has been in and out of the 8th congressional race says it is back in to support Joe Walsh with a $1 million boost just six days before the election.

The Now or Never SuperPAC tells the Chicago Sun-Times it is investing $1 million again. That’s still short of the $2.5 million it had promised earlier in the month.

However, just yesterday, another SuperPAC — FreedomWorks For America — committed the $1.7 million to Walsh that it had promised last week.

Now or Never last week announced Walsh was so far ahead of Tammy Duckworth, its money was better spent elsewhere.

“Duckworth wants the voters to ignore her own legal problems and mismanagement while she attempts to paint Congressman Walsh as a man he is not,” said Tyler Harber, spokesman for Now or Never PAC.

This week, another SuperPAC that aims to take down Walsh, CREDO, released a poll showing Duckworth with a sizable lead. Walsh’s campaign has disputed a wide lead, saying their numbers show the race much closer.

Each side has traded barbs over allowing outside spending in the campaign, with each threatening to file complaints with the Federal Election Commission for appearing to coordinate with the outside donors, which is not allowed.

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