Rauner campaign raises $4 million in last quarter

SHARE Rauner campaign raises $4 million in last quarter

The campaign for GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner announced Thursday it raised $4 million in the last quarter, declaring himself the only candidate “that can go toe-to-toe with Pat Quinn.”

Rauner’s $4 million includes a $1 million share from his own personal fortune after his self-funding lifted the typically mandated caps that are on state-run campaigns.

Rauner’s campaign celebrates that it raised money in the fourth quarter from more than 1,500 donations. A look at his campaign funds shows sizable gifts from millionaires, including more than $255,000 from Richard Uihlein more than $250,000 from Citadel chief Ken Griffin as well as more than $250,000 from Glen Tullman.

“With national Democrats and government union bosses gearing up to try to hijack the Republican primary, I’m confident we will have the resources to fight back,” Bruce said. “Republicans, Democrats and government union bosses all know we are the only campaign that can go toe-to-toe with Pat Quinn and the special interests who control state government and win.”

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