Joe Biden: The most photogenic vice president in history

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It’s rare for Vice President Joe Biden to make a public appearance and not give us one of those classic Biden moments. Whether he’s grinning, pointing or just has a goofy expression on his face, he can easily be categorized as the most photogenic vice president in history.

For example:

He’s just missing the Joker makeup.

Seeking divine intervention?

What’s he looking at with United Nations ambassador Samantha Power?

No, he’s not telling a story to small children. He’s giving a speech.

His main sqeeze, Jill Biden. And he’s proud of it.

There was that time he stopped by East Lake Family YMCA in Atlanta to visit with some children.

Here he’s explaining to the kids that he’s No. 2 in command (it’s unclear what role the toy animals play in this):

Is he trying to keep the girl from grabbing his face?

He’s really excited to be in Atlanta:


Perhaps the best one of all time, during an appearance in Ohio in 2012.

Someone made a funny:

He’s easily excited:

Who’s happy to be there?

The Joker face, part 2:

The open mouth, double finger pointing is an interesting combo:

Of course, we can’t forget about that time he was really excited to be at Costco:

Or the State of the Union Address:

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