Gubernatorial candidate spent $35 on race, won 22 percent of vote

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We all were assaulted with one campaign ad after another during this year’s election cycle. And all of that costs a lot of money, to the tune of an estimated $4 billion.

But one candidate in Rhode Island did something truly amazing. Moderate Party gubernatorial candidate Bob Healey says he only spent $35 on his campaign. What’s more amazing is that he came in third place and received 22 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election.

Democrat Gina Raimondo won with 40 percent of the vote, while Republican Allan Fung had 36 percent of the vote.

Rhode Island’s reports that Healey’s cost per vote comes out to a miniscule $0.0005. Who says you have to buy an election?

“It’s amazing what $35 can do,” Healey said. “As I’ve been saying, if we only spent $75, $80, we might’ve won the race.”

Healey does have one thing on his side besides a wild beard. Healey has been running for office since 1994, according to The Washington Post.

This year, he ditched runnning as the candidate of the Cool Moose Party, opting for the Moderate Party after health problems forced the original candidate to drop out of the race.

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