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LIVE BLOG: Day 2 of legislative hearing on NRI

An Illinois legislative panel investigating management and spending problems with Gov. Pat Quinn’s 2010 anti-violence program continues for a second day.

The bipartisan panel oversees state audits and is reviewing one outlining “pervasive” issues with Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.

Former Quinn chief of staff Jack Lavin was the first to testify Thursday and defended the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, saying it provided jobs and opportunities for thousands.

Lavin’s name came up often Wednesday during nearly 12 hours of testimony from former state officials. His emails to Quinn campaign staff in 2010 were included in documents subpoenaed by the commission. He was chief operating officer in 2010 and left Quinn’s administration last year.

The commission heard testimony yesterday from officials including former Quinn adviser Billy Ocasio and Barbara Shaw, the former head of the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority


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