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Inaugural concert will take place of traditional Illinois ball

Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner | AP

Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner is offering high-dollar, VIP opportunities before and after his January inauguration, but he will forego the traditional ball, instead holding an inaugural concert by an undisclosed, well-known artist, costing $125 for tickets.

Sponsorships range from $1,000 to $25,000, allowing various levels of access or bonuses.

Rauner spokesman Mike Schrimpf said the series of inaugural activities include “four free, open to the public events, including the swearing-in…most of the inaugural celebration is either free and open to the public.”

The concert headliner will be the subject of a separate announcement, he said.Here is a link to all the events:, a Republican, has capped donations to the inauguration at $25,000.Rauner’s transition committee is capping its donations to $100,000, Schrimpf said.That won’t include any of Rauner’s money. Rauner dipped into his own personal to fund his candidacy for governor, but will not be among the donors for the inaugural events or transition costs.“You can take unlimited money from any source and not disclose it,” Schrimpf said. “We are capping it at $100,000,” and plan to disclose.