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Poll: Quinn leading Rauner, but voters not satisfied

In a poll by the Chicago Tribune, Gov. Pat Quinn leads Bruce Rauner among voters if the election were to be held today. But it’s not because voters are satisfied with the job the governor is doing.

The poll indicates that voters believe Rauner is better able to tackle the massive budget issues facing Illinois, but that the multimillionaire is seen as out of touch with voters. The Quinn campaign has been hitting Rauner in advertising and on the stump as too wealthy to identify with everyday Illinoians.

According to the poll:

The poll found Quinn at 48 percent support compared with 37 percent for Rauner, with 8 percent undecided. And 5 percent went to little-known Libertarian candidate Chad Grimm — support that likely would have gone to Rauner if Republican forces had been able to knock the Libertarian Party slate off the ballot.

The poll was conducted September 3rd among 800 voters by APC Research.