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Making sure new shows with Latinos stick around

I wasn’t crazy about Sofia Vergara’s appearance at the Emmys last month.

If you missed it (I don’t blame you; what a snooze fest), Vergara — the hilarious Colombian actress who stars on “Modern Family” — stepped onto a platform that proceeded to rotate and show all sides of her, particularly her much-discussed backside. This was supposed to, I guess, provide comic relief while Bruce Rosenblum, president of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, did the required mind-numbing speech about the academy.

Instead, it sparked outrage across the Internet, as many complained bitterly about the actress being objectified. Vergara herself didn’t see it that way at all, and told reporters afterward, “I think it’s absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself. I think it’s ridiculous that somebody started this.”