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Rauner using out-of-state company for inaugural festivities

Running with Rauner . . .


Sneed hears that Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner is choosing to use an out-of-state company to ramrod his inaugural festivities next month.

Sneed was told Chicago-based Jam Productions, which handled the inaugural festivities for Governors Jim Edgar, George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich, was politely informed they would not be in the inaugural mix this time and was told an agency outside Illinois — Washington, D.C.? — was handling the job.

So what’s up?

“We did our due diligence. The owner of the company we are using lives in Illinois and all vendors and subcontractors are Illinois-based,” said Mike Schrimpf, a Rauner spokesman.

So what is the name of the Illinois company being used?

“I didn’t say it was an Illinois company,” Schrimpf responded.

“I said the owner lived in Illinois,” he added.

So it goes.