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WATCH: Stephen Colbert thanks Nazis for making Congress work

Finally, there was a burst of bipartisanship in Congress, and you all can thank the Nazis, Stephen Colbert said Wednesday night on “The Colbert Report.”

Earlier in the day, the House unanimously passed “The No Social Security For Nazis Act,” which closed a longstanding loophole allowing Nazis living in the United States to collect Social Security.

The Colbert Report

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“It is the most popular bill to come out of Congress since, ‘No Pre-K for the KKK,’ ” Colbert said. “… It’s inspiring to see both parties join hands to declare with one voice, ‘Nazis are bad.’ “

“Apparently, we’ve been cutting you checks for decades,” Colbert continued. “Whoops-a-Nazi.”

Colbert says he loves the bill, because no other issue could have brought Democrats and Republicans together.

“Not war, not famine … so Nazis, I know I’ve come down on you hard in the past,” Colbert said. “… You got Congress to agree on something … thank you, Nazis.”