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Prince William in D.C., NYC: Meeting Obama, Biden, Hillary

WASHINGTON — The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in New York City on Sunday, and on Monday, Prince William makes a side trip to Washington to meet President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and make an anti-poaching speech at the World Bank. Back in New York, the prince attends at a reception with Hillary Rodham Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea.

Here are more details on their schedule, from the Royal Communications operation:


Obama guidance press schedule Dec. 8 2014 — Prince William

Was this the quickest ‘pool spray’ in White House history?

In the morning, Kate Middleton visits a child development center in Harlem and lunches at the British Consul General’s residence with members of the British community in New York from “culture, arts, hospitality and business sectors.”

Prince William, in Washington, meets with Obama in the Oval Office and pays a call on Biden.

Then he heads to the World Bank to attend the International Corruption Hunters Alliance, followed by a working lunch.

His speech will focus on “corruption surrounding the illegal wildlife trade” and the “transportation across borders of illegal wildlife parts.”

Back in Manhattan, the prince attends a reception co-hosted by the Royal Foundation and the Clinton Foundation in recoginition of the work done by Tusk, United for Wildlife and its partners, Wildlife Conservation Society; Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy.

On Monday evening, the Duke and Duchess go to Brooklyn to take in an NBA game with the Brooklyn Nets playing the Cleveland Cavaliers.