Joe Walsh labels the LGBT community 'constitutional terrorists'

SHARE Joe Walsh labels the LGBT community 'constitutional terrorists'

Former Illinois Congressman and current Chicago radio host Joe Walsh is no stranger to making waves and on Tuesday, he added to his firebrand reputation when he compared the LGBT community to “constitutional terrorists” on Twitter.

Walsh was commenting on Bill SB1062 in Arizona, a bill that would allow businesses to deny services to gay and lesbian individuals while citing religious beliefs. The bill has passed the state legislature, but calls for Gov. Jan Brewer to veto the bill have been loud and fierce. In the world of incensed sound bytes and inflammatory rhetoric, this is seen as anti-constitutional bullying.

Walsh didn’t limit his comments to labeling the LGBT community terrorists. He went on to say he was being “force[d] to respect” people and something about blowing up freedom.

SB1062 was introduced in response to a unanimous New Mexico Supreme Court decision last August that ruled a photography business could not deny services to a same-sex commitment ceremony.

Advocates say the bill will preserve business owners’ religious freedoms, while opponents label it a form of state-sanctioned discrimination. Republicans as prominent as Mitt Romney and John McCain have joined the growing chorus calling for a veto.

Brewer has until Saturday to veto or sign the bill. Despite playing her cards close to her chest, those close to the governor expect her to veto it.

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