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SIX DAYS: $450k to Dillard even as unions pull anti-Rauner ads

We’re inside of a week of the March 18th gubernatorial Republican primary election and unions remain a vital part of the gubernatorial election narrative.

On Tuesday, Illinois Freedom PAC announced it was pulling back on its anti-Bruce Rauner ads, going dark in the days just before the election.

Steve Shearer, who chairs the Fund for Progress and Jobs Committee that aims to derail Rauner, said he’s not pulling back on the new component to his committee’s mission: to promote Kirk Dillard’s candidacy.

Dillard doubled his numbers in a Chicago Tribune poll last week but still trailed Rauner’s lead.

Later Tuesday, Dillard’s campaign account posted receipts totalling in excess of $450,000 — including $400,000 from public sector unions and another $50,000 from former Gov. Jim Edgar. AFSME was in for another $100,000 to Dillard and teachers unions also steered big money to him.

Campaigns for both Bill Brady and Dan Rutherford have fallen further under the radar screen.