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WATCH: Grown men act like babies over stolen political signs

Today is Election Day in Florida, and things sure have gotten heated in the Safety Harbor mayoral race between incumbent Joe Ayoub and former Mayor Andy Steingold. They’ve accused each other of stealing the other’s stolen political signs, and gave the voters an incredible exchange in front of a 10News camera, including the part where Ayoub asks Steingold “do you need a pacifier?”

That came toward the end of the exchange, with Barge repeatedly telling Steingold he should be “ashamed of yourself.”

And while Barge denies taking part in the sign-stealing shenanigans, it gets really heated when Barge is presented with video that clearly shows him removing a sign from someone’s yard.

Barge immediately took umbrage and maintained, “This is not about the sign; this is about this guy who does not deserve to be mayor.”

However, the best quote comes toward the end of the video, courtesy of Ayoub.

“You’re such a baby, do you need a pacifier?” Ayoub asks. “Somebody call Andy’s mommy, he needs a little hug the night before the election.”

Sounds like both of them need a timeout in the corner.

Via 10News