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Shearer: 'We are not pulling back' on pro-Dillard ads

Public sector unions may be pulling back on their ads attacking GOP frontrunner Bruce Rauner, but the committee launched by former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock’s ex-chief of staff is going full throttle — boosted by a Teamsters donation — on pushing Kirk Dillard’s candidacy, the Sun-Times has learned.

Committee chair Steve Shearer tells the Chicago Sun-Times that the Teamsters today have pushed through a donation that will breathe life, albeit short-term, into the effort to push Dillard as a candidate.

“While some of the public sector unions are stopping anti-Rauner ads, we are not pulling back on our pro-Dillard stuff as of today, by any means,” Shearer tells the Sun-Times. “Our mission right now is to show Dillard as a competent, respected alternative who will bring the change Republicans are thirsting for.”

Last week, Shearer told the Sun-Times that a more than $700,000 effort was underway to promote Dillard, a Hinsdale Republican, as an alternative to Rauner. While public sector unions that had been funding Shearer’s group are now pulling back, trade unions and other money is here for now. Last week’s money will go toward buying ads through mid-week and the Teamsters will give another day or two and then make a decision on a day by day basis how much money will go his way, he said.

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