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Sneed: Dillard gets union cash for positive ads

Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Michael Sneed has a tip on a big cash boost from anti-Rauner unions to State Sen. Kirk Dillard’s campaign for governor:

Bait & switch…

Whoa!!! Sneed hears there’s been a new infusion of last-ditch cash to GOP gubernatorial hopeful and State Sen. Kirk Dillard’s campaign.

Watch for Dillard, who is second to opponent Bruce Rauner in the GOP primary polls, to shell out bigbucks this week to buy “positive” TV ads based on a new infusion of $400,000 smackeroos from a conglomerate of unions who despise “anti-union” Rauner, according to a top GOP source.

The kicker: “The ads will be purchased at a lower rate via contributions from anti-Bruce Rauner unions, which decided to pull the plug on moving forward with more negative Rauner TV ads,” said the source.

The reason: “The unions decided to retool their strategy to get Rauner out of the race by giving a cash-strapped, pro-union Dillard a push in the polls before the primary next week,” the source said.

Check back later for the Wednesday Sneed column.