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Is Rahm being groomed as White House contender in 2016?

Is Hillary Clinton just keeping the seat warm for Rahm Emanuel in 2016? Or if she does launch a presidential bid, could he be her running mate? One political strategist says either is possible.

While Emanuel has repeatedly denied having interest in running, The Washington Times raises the question again.

“Maybe in the lead role, maybe the running mate. Hey, he’s already been in the White House anyway,” one strategist said to the other.

Emanuel’s national profile is getting an extra boost these days, thanks to CNN’s “Chicagoland” series, and he’s also one of the featured speakers at “Reinventing America,” a March summit organized by Steve Forbes.

And Robert Redford, who produced the “Chicagoland” series is already in his corner.

“I have a high regard for Rahm Emanuel. It is not an easy job. To manage a city like Chicago with so many disparate parts to it is not an enviable task. I think that he is as qualified as anybody, but boy, it’s like being the president of the United States,” Redford said in a CNN interview before the series began.

Emanuel’s denial was pretty emphatic in a recent interview with Fran Spielman:


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