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Need money? Bruce Rauner's people have a job for you

It looks like there is some serious cash to be made on election day, and all you have to do is get some registered voters to give you their John Hancock.

Capitol Fax reports that Arno Political Consulting is seeking “Campaign Field Associates” to collect signatures at a very generous rate of $2 per signature.

That’s the same group that GOP governor candidate Bruce Rauner hired to operate his term limit constitutional amendment petition drive and based on the description, you’d be gathering signatures for that drive.

The details:

On Election Day, Part-time Campaign Field Associates will travel to their assigned precinct and gather signatures from registered voters.

You will get paid $2 per signature. If you collect 100 signatures and 70 of them are valid you will be paid $200. Historically, petition signatures on election day have high validity rates, so it shouldn’t be a challenge to meet this goal.

After the first hundred signatures, you will get paid $2 per signature with a validity rate of 60% or higher.

And about the petition:

This petition helps put an amendment to the Illinois Constitution on the November 4, 2014 ballot which will make Illinois State government more responsive to citizens.

The amendment limits those elected to the state house or state senate to 8 years total. The 8 years can be served in the Illinois house or senate alone, or any combination of the two, but no longer than 8 years total.

h/t Capitol Fax