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Vote early — but not often

It’s celebrated in our name, but “Early & Often” does not condone voting more than once in any given election.

In fact, we discourage it.

But voting early? That’s another matter.

And you still have three full days —and what’s left of today — to cast an early ballot, no questions asked. Early voting ends on Saturday, so you can even add it to your weekend errands if you choose. After Saturday, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday, Election Day, to vote.

But unlike on Election Day, when you must vote in your own precinct, early voting is much looser. As long as you are a registered voter, you can cast a ballot at any early voting location in your electoral jurisdiction.

In other words, Chicagoans can vote at any Chicago early voting site, DuPage residents at any DuPage site and so on. Hours vary, but most locations are open during normal business hours.

To make your life easier, Early & Often offers links to information about the where and when.

The who is up to you.

So vote early — but not often.

Chicago early voting locations.

Suburban Cook County locations.

DuPage County locations.

Lake County locations.

Will County locations.

McHenry County locations.

Kane County locations.

City of Aurora locations.