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Rauner rails against possible crossover vote

In a memo to his supporters, Bruce Rauner rails against the possibility of a so-called crossover vote, calling it an “unprecedented effort to hijack the Republican primary.”

He’s referring to a movement of union members who typically vote Democrat to instead pull Republican tickets in Tuesday’s primary and vote in favor of state Sen. Kirk Dillard, R-Hinsdale. It would be a vote against Rauner, who has waged war on what he calls “government union bosses.”

The Illinois Education Association is urging members to cross over. The Illinois Federation of Teachers is urging the 25 percent of its members who tend to vote Republican to vote for Dillard, a spokeswoman said Monday.

On Sunday, Steve Shearer, who launched a group to oppose Rauner and is now promoting Dillard’s candidacy, told the Sun-Times that word was sent out to members of both private and public sectors

A We Ask America analysis, however, shows it will be a steep climb for that so-called crossover, because Rauner is leading by such a wide margin.

From Rauner’s email to supporters:

The pundits and media have made clear the only thing that stands in our way between victory and defeat tomorrow are the Democrats and government union bosses’ unprecedented effort to hijack the Republican primary.

Here they are in their own words:

“I’m urging Democrats to cross party lines to help our union stop Bruce Rauner.”

— James Sweeney

Union President

“I will be voting in the Republican Primary to support Kirk Dillard.”

— Cinda Klickna

President, Illinois Education Association

To counteract this effort we’ve activated our very own Get-Out-The-Republican-Vote-Action Team. So if you have time today swing by the office and please help make some calls or knock on some doors.