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Obama on Obamacare: Hispanics shouldn't worry about deportation

President Barack Obama went on Univision Deportes Tuesday in an effort to assure legal immigrants they can sign up for Obamacare without worring about “immigration people” showing up at their door looking for family members who are in the country illegally.

Whille on the Spanish-language sports radio show, Obama said that personal information used during the health care signup won’t be made available to immigration officials.

“Well, the main thing for people to know is that any information you get, you know, asked with respect to buying insurance, does not have anything to do with … the rules governing immigration,” Obama said. “And you know, you can qualify if you’re a legal resident, if you are … legally present in the United States. You know, if you have a family where some people are citizens or legally here, and others are not documented, the immigration people will never get that information.”

The White House has said Hispanics have the the highest rate of being uninsured of all ethnic groups in the U.S. and Obama’s administration believes mixed-status families have been slow to enroll out of fear of being deported.

Via The Hill