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Quinn not wasting any time with new ad buys

No sooner had polls closed Tuesday, Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn released his first campaign commercial against Bruce Rauner, attacking him for earlier statements that made him appear like he favored cutting Illinois’ minimum wage.

Quinn’s 30-second spot airing on election night in Chicago and central Illinois includes Rauner, in his own words, telling an audience at a December candidates’ forum that he wanted to roll back the state’s $8.25 per hour minimum wage to the national $7.25 per hour standard.

The ad also included footage of Rauner telling another audience in September that he is “adamantly, adamantly against raising the minimum wage.”

“When you see billionaire Bruce Rauner on TV,” the ad says, “ask yourself who is the real Bruce Rauner?”

The ad did not delve into the shifting position Rauner has taken on the minimum wage.

After his conflicting positions were first reported on by the Chicago Sun-Times in January, Rauner dismissed his December statement as “flippant” and laid out a scenario in which he actually could support raising Illinois’ minimum wage – so long as it came along with business-friendly changes in state workers compensation laws and rules governing lawsuit awards.

Here’s the ad, which asks “Who is the real Bruce Rauner?”

Via Capitol Fax