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AFL-CIO head: Rauner's leadership 'not welcome' in Illinois

So much for the chances of organized labor making peace with Bruce Rauner in the general election.

The head of the Illinois AFL-CIO came out swinging Wednesday morning against the Republican nominee for governor, who favors giving towns and counties authority to impose right-to-work rules on employers and freezing existing pension benefits for public employees and shifting them into mandatory 401(k)-style retirement plans.

“The labor movement worked hard to make sure voters knew what billionaire candidate Bruce Rauner is all about. He is the guy that championed cutting the minimum wage and pensions while demonizing teachers, nurses, correctional officers and other employees that serve the public. His kind of divisive leadership is not welcome in Illinois,” Illinois AFL-CIO President Michael Carrigan said.

“We know that competing against his stacks of money will be difficult, but we continue today what we started months ago – making sure the working families of Illinois understand the Rauner in his TV commercials is fiction. The facts show a mega-wealthy CEO who thinks he can buy an office and trample on workers, yet has no idea – or any ideas – on how to lead.”