WATCH: Paul Ryan confronted over ‘inner city’ comment

SHARE WATCH: Paul Ryan confronted over ‘inner city’ comment

Chris Christie has been getting hammered at town hall meetings for some time, and now it’s Paul Ryan’s turn. During a town hall meeting Wednesday in Racine, an African-American constituent called out the congressman.

The next day you said that statement was inarticulate. Well, I don’t believe that. You said what you meant, Alfonso Gardner said to Ryan about his remarks. Fine. Bottom line is this: this statement was not true. Gardner went on to say that inner city is a code word for black, but that black people are not the only ones who live in inner cities. And everybody works, he explained. You got here in a car or a truck or something. Somebody from the inner city helped make that.

Ryan again defended himself, saying that it’s not a race issue, but a poverty issue.

“I get it. You don’t know me, so you don’t know who I really am. Race has nothing to do with this,” Ryan said.

h/t: Think Progress

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