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Throwback Thursday: Presidential campaign websites in 1996

Politician’s campaign sites have come a long, long way since the early days of the internet. But just how far? It turns out, interactive meant a whole different thing back then.

Politico has taken a look back at a few campaign sites from 1996 and it’s pretty spectacular.

While the sites aimed to do the same thing now and then by informing us of the politician’s position and providing biographies and press material, it was done in the most basic way.

For example, Lamar Alexander who ran for president in the Republican primary candidate, had quite a homepage:

Cutting edge stuff, especially with the plaid graphic overlaid on the background.

The Bill Clinton/Al Gore campaign decided to go with a much less gaudy presentation. The “tools and memorabilia” allows you to “use them to show your support for the campaign even when you’re not on the Internet” is a nice touch.

We do have to give major props to the Bob Dole/Jack Kemp campaign. They truly were cutting edge and went fully interactive:

Via Politco