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Pharrell's 2016 pick: "Hillary's gonna win."

Could the endorsement of Grammy award-winning Pharrell Williams be the 2016 game changer the political world has been waiting for?


But that didn’t stop Pharrell from weighing in during a recent interview with GQ.

Pharrell, who seemed to have a hand in almost every hit song of 2013, matter-of-factly told the magazine, “we’re about to have a female president. Hillary’s gonna win.”

He offered an explanation rich in metaphors and anatomy lessons:

Everywhere you go in this country, you have red and blue. You got the Democrats; you got the Republicans. You got the Bloods; you got the Crips. Everything is red and blue in this country. You know what else is red and blue? Blood. Blood is blue in your body until air hits it, and then it turns red. That means there’s unity. There’s gonna be unity. So when you think about a night where there’s late-night talk-show hosts and it’s mostly women, that’s a different world. Right? A world where seventy-five percent of the prime ministers and the presidents were women: That’s a different world. That’s gonna happen, and it’s gonna happen when Hillary wins.

Coming back down to Earth, Pharrell also indicated Clinton’s perceived inevitableness is in part to the GOP’s abortion policies turning off women.

“No matter how staunch of a supporter you are of no-abortion, whatever you are: You’re a woman, and there’s no way in the world you’re going to vote for somebody that’s going to try to tell you what to do with your body,” he said.

Pharrell was sly when asked if he reached out to the Clinton camp, but he did offer high praise of Hillary’s performance as Secretary of State and Bill’s saxophone skills.

Via The Hill