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The Daily Show takes on Medicare and federally funded penis pumps

Should one form of sexual healthcare be funded while another one isn’t?

That’s what “The Daily Show” and Samantha Bee zeroed in on — while more specifically, getting a firm grasp on the federal funding of penis pumps.

“One of the effects of Obamacare is that insurance companies have to cover womens’ healthcare needs, including contraceptives, but not everyone is happy about that (clip cuts to politicians voicing their opposition). … Defenders of the contraceptive mandate, like women’s health advocate Ilyse Hoge contend that women’s sexual healthcare is a medical necessity.”

Then Hoge goes on to say that Medicare has spent $172 million on penis pumps over the last five years.

“That’s right, Medicare provides pumps at a cost of $360 a piece, which never has been debated once,” Bee says.

The Daily Show

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