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Hillary 2016: GOP describes her as 'tough' in new Pew poll

WASHINGTON — While Hillary Rodham Clinton ponders a 2016 presidential bid, polling outlets are doing leg work for her, the latest a new survey from the Pew Research Center and USA Today.

Among the findings:

* 51% want Clinton to make another White House run in 2016.

*55% of Republicans describe her as tough.

* 67% of Americans approve of the job she did as secretary of state.

*69% say she is tough.

*56% say she is honest.

A top negative: Benghazi, where four U.S. diplomats died in a raid.

From the poll: “When people are asked to name in their own words the most negative thing about Clinton’s career, “Benghazi” is the most frequent response, cited by 15% of respondents. Among Republicans, 28% volunteer Benghazi as the most negative aspect of her career.”

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