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Boehner: 'Perhaps his most irresponsible budget yet'

WASHINGTON— House Speaker John Boehner says President Barack Obama is offering what the speaker calls “perhaps his most irresponsible budget yet.”

The $3.9 trillion budget would pour money into programs aimed at boosting the economy — including road building and education. There would be new spending for pre-school education and job training. And it includes $1 trillion in higher taxes over the next decade, mostly for the wealthiest Americans and corporations.

Boehner says Americans who are looking for “jobs and opportunity” will find only “more government.”

And Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, says he’s disappointed that Obama produced what Sessions calls “a campaign document” instead of “a serious budget blueprint that makes the tough choices necessary to get our fiscal house in order.”

Congress has ignored the revenue proposals and many of Obama’s spending ideas before. And campaign year pressures, along with gridlock between the Senate and House, all but ensure that few of the initiatives included in the budget will go very far.

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