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An Obama impersonator walks into the White House

There are a bunch of Barack Obama impersonators out there, but today, the White House released video from last week when the real Barack Obama met one of them.

The event was part of an event with YouTube personalities to talk health care, and Iman Crosson was among the crew.

“Either I can get to work or you can. You can take a lunch break, and I can take an hour. Fill in for you. But listen, I’m just happy to be here, happy to shake your hand,”

Obama did have some tips for his other half, who doesn’t really look that much like Obama in the first place. Maybe a bit more like Jesse Jackson Jr.

“You’re going to have to get some gray hair,” Obama said. “I used to look like you.”

While it’s always kind of funny to see an impersonator side by side with the real thing, it’s hard to top Bob Dole having a conversation with Norm MacDonald as Bob Dole.

h/t Politico