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Selfies: A politician's new best friend?

If you start seeing a new wave of selfies from politicians across the country, you can thank Ellen DeGeneres for that.

By now, we’ve all seen this:

And because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, politicians are upping their selfie game this week:

Of course, there was this one from last’s night GOP debate:

And then Thursday night, Rahm Emanuel and the other mayors at “Leading America’s Big Cities in the 21st Century” forum at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics got in on the action as well:

Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warren got into the action, but really, doesn’t he know the best selfies are taken in landscape mode?

Perhaps the most famous political selfie of them all:

Hillary Clinton doesn’t shy away from the selfie, especially when it involves a celebrity:

Nor does First Lady Michelle Obama, even when it involves a dog:

H/T Bloomberg