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Watch: Obama helps launch new 'Cosmos' series

There has been much hype and fanfare around the relaunch of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s rebirth of “Cosmos,” the pioneering science show originally presented by Carl Sagan a generation ago.

For Sunday’s premiere, President Obama did the honors of leading into the Fox vehicle.

President Obama’s remarks from the 30-second intro:

“America has always been a nation of fearless explorers, who dream bigger and reach farther than others imagine. That’s the spirit of discovery that Carl Sagan captured in the original ‘Cosmos.’

“Today we’re doing everything we can to bring that same sense of possibility to a new generation – because there are new frontiers to explore, and we need Americans eager to explore them.”

“There are no limits, so open your eyes and open your imaginations. The next great discovery could be yours.”

“Cosmos” re-airs Monday night on the National Geographic Channel.