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Rauner heads to Southern Illinois on 'Broken Promises tour'

GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is in the midst of his “Broken Promises” tour making stops today in Metro East and Southern Illinois. On Wednesday he will hit central Illinois. At noon, Rauner will stop at Tiedemann Farm in Belleville and at 3 p.m. he will visit the Franklin County Farm Bureau in West Benton. Pushing a theme of “broken promises” is the latest strategy from the Rauner campaign as we head into the Spring election season. Rauner has dubbed Gov. Pat Quinn “Quinnochio” for proposing an extension to the 67 percent income tax hike that was once sold as temporary. For his part, Quinn has held appearances promoting an increase to the state’s minimum wage. On Monday, he and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin appeared together in Federal Plaza calling on an increase to both the state ande federal minimum wage, focusing on income disparities. *** Update *** Quinn is in Springfield today, where he will stay tonight. He will be doing an Editorial board meeting today and work at the Capitol the rest of the day. He will remain in Springfield tonight.