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Bruce Almighty meets Quinnocchio! Entertaining, informative!

If he were running against anybody else, Gov. Pat Quinn might have received a more lukewarm reception from the teachers union delegates who packed a hotel ballroom Friday to see his first campaign confrontation with Republican Bruce Rauner.

After all, Quinn only recently approved cuts to teacher pensions in a move the union has sued to overturn as unconstitutional. In another unpopular move, he reduced classroom funding while trying to get the state back on its financial feet.

But Quinn reminded delegates to the Illinois Education Association that the choice in the upcoming election isn’t between what they want and what he did.

“Please don’t compare me to the Almighty. Compare me to the alternative over here,” Quinn said, gesturing to Rauner, who makes no secret of his antagonism toward teacher unions.

Indeed, the choice in the November election was on stark display as Quinn and Rauner faced off for an hour in what I would have to say was the best campaign kickoff I have ever witnessed.

Every candidate forum should be so entertaining and informative.