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North Korea lashes out at 'pimp' Obama

The official mouthpiece of North Korea says the only way to deal with an old enemy is to wage a “full-scale nuclear war,” but that’s not the craziest statement to come out of Pyongyang in the last 24 hours.

The Committee for Peaceful Reunification of Korea has launched into a person attack on Park Geun-Hye, South Korea’s president after President Barack Obama’s weekend visit to the South.

During the visit, both presidents said North Korea’s defiance of international rules would result in harsher sanctions. And it’s obvious that the North didn’t like that.

“Park Geun-Hye’s recent behaviour with Obama was like a mean, immature girl begging gangsters to beat up someone she does not like,” the Committee for Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) said, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). “Or a crafty prostitute eagerly trying to frame someone by giving her body to a powerful pimp.”

The CPRK also said the only way to “deal with the old enemy” was to fight a “full-scale nuclear war.”

“Park Geun-Hye will pay a dear price for abandoning the opportunity we earlier gave and choosing a path of anti-unification and anti-peace and a path to confrontation and war,” the CPRK said.

Via The Times of India