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GOP Rep.: Edward Snowden did more damage than Jeffrey Dahmer

While some like to make the Adolf Hitler comparison, Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King apparently prefers to use serial killers. And that’s just what he did when talking about National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

A video has surfaced of King speaking at the Breitbart National Security Action Summit in March in which he says “Snowden has done more damage to America than anybody else I can think of in history.”

King goes on to say that humans will self-rationalize and they’ll convince themselves that what they’re doing is true, right and just.

Then he pulls out the Jeffrey Dahmer reference.

“I would take it so far as to say that probably even Jeffrey Dahmer analyzed in a similar way, and he didn’t do nearly as much damage as Snowden did.”

Let’s keep in mind that Dahmer brutally murdered 17 people.

Via Buzzfeed