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RGA drops another $750k to back Rauner

For the second consecutive month, the Republican Governors Association plowed $750,000 into Bruce Rauner’s gubernatorial bid, for a total of $1.5 million since the political newcomer clinched the GOP nomination in March.

It’s a sign that there will be no shortage of resources in this gubernatorial race. The RGA was a major player in 2010 and will be again — despite Rauner’s own resources. Rauner, a multi-millionaire, has put $6 million into his own campaign. He far outraised — and outspent — his three opponents in the primary. The Democratic Governors Association is sure to be a major player as well in its efforts to back Gov. Pat Quinn’s reelection. Its involvement in the Illinois primary rankled Republicans, who asked Democrats to get out, saying it spoiled the sanctity of the party’s primary. Their interest stemmed largely from Rauner’s opposition to unions, repeatedly calling “government union bosses” the problem with Springfield.

Hours after Rauner’s victory in March, the RGA wired over a $750,000 donation to Rauner, who has already aired two TV ads, one in Spanish and one elevating his wife, Diana Rauner.

RGA chair Chris Christie made clear in a statement last month that the national group was keeping a close eye on the Illinois race.

“It’s time to leave behind the days of high unemployment and job losses, skyrocketing taxes, unaccountable spending and failing schools that have blighted the last five years in Illinois under Pat Quinn,” Christie said then in a statment. “Illinois is ready for Bruce Rauner. He is focused, willing and prepared to do what it takes to bring back Illinois.”