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Biden headlining Durbin fundraisers today

WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden is headlining two fundraisers in downstate Alton on Tuesday afternoon to bolster the campaign warchests Sen. Dick Durbin D-Ill. and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Durbin is flying to Illinois and back to D.C. on Biden’s plane, with a stop in St. Louis for an official event with the vice president and Interior Sec. Sally Jewell at the CityArchRiver project at the St. Louis Gateway Arch “to discuss the economy and highlight the progress of this future urban park site.”

Last month, I reported Biden will be the draw at the Alton events for Durbin, who faces GOP nominee Illinois state Sen. Jim Oberweis R-Sugar Grove in November. DSCC chair Sen. Michael Bennet D-Col. will also be attending the high-dollar events.

I posted earlier that President Barack Obama returns to Chicago on May 22 to keynote major donor fundraising events for Durbin and the DSCC.

Today, Biden appears at a reception in Alton followed by a dinner at the home of John and Jayne Simmons.

The price points

*$35,000 per couple to co-chair the dinner, with a photo opp.

*$10,000 one ticket to the dinner

*$5,000 to co-chair the general reception with a photo opp.

*$1,000 one ticket to the reception.