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Obama guidance, press schedule May 17, 18, 2014

WASHINGTON–President Barack Obama heads into the weekend with no events on his public schedule. Obama is coming home to Chicago next Thursday for fundraisers to benefit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Sen. Dick Durbin D-Ill. and will remain in the city overnight.


Office of the Press Secretary


May 16, 2014


SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014 AND SUNDAY, MAY 18, 2014

On Saturday and Sunday, the President has no public events scheduled.

Saturday’s In-Town Travel Pool

Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg

Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP

TV Corr & Crew: CNN

Print: Houston Chronicle

Radio: CBS

Sunday’s In-Town Travel Pool

Wires: AP, Reuters, Bloomberg

Wire Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP

TV Corr & Crew: FOX

Print: Huffington Post

Radio: FOX

Saturday, May 17, 2014


8:30AM In-Town Pool Call Time

Sunday, May 18, 2014


10:00AM In-Town Pool Call Time

Schedule for the Week of May 19, 2014

On Monday, the President will have lunch with Combatant Commanders. In the evening, the President will attend a DCCC event.

On Tuesday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

On Wednesday, the President will participate in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony in the Oval Office. At this event, the President will receive the credentials from foreign Ambassadors recently posted in Washington. The presentation of credentials is a traditional ceremony that marks the formal beginning of an Ambassador’s service in Washington. Afterward, the President will welcome the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks to the White House to honor the team and their Super Bowl XLVIII victory.

On Thursday, the President will travel to Chicago, IL to participate in two events for the DSCC. The President will remain overnight in Chicago.

On Friday, the President will return from Chicago.