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Leave well enough alone; don’t play politics with population

When Senate Republican Leader Christine Radogno speaks to a public gathering, she makes a point of asking her audiences if they know somebody who is leaving Illinois.

Invariably, more than a few hands shoot up. Often, quite a few more.

To those like Radogno who have been sounding the alarm for a while now about Illinois’ migration deficit, the news this week from Gallup was much less surprising than it might have been to some of the rest of us.

A Gallup poll found 50 percent of Illinois residents say they would leave the state if they had the opportunity — more than anywhere in the U.S.

Plus, 19 percent of the Illinois respondents said they actually plan to move to another state in the next year, exceeded only by the 20 percent in Nevada.

Allowing for a certain amount of letting off steam after a bad winter and an even longer run of bad news, that’s still a sobering perspective.