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War hero Duckworth "loyalities" questioned by Fox contributor

WASHINGTON–The day Rep. Tammy Duckworth D-Ill. was tapped to take a Democratic seat on the House Select Benghazi Committee, her loyalities were questioned by Fox News Contributor Allen West–who is headlining an event for Duckworth’s GOP opponent, Larry Kaifesh, on May 28 at the Capitol Hill Club here.

Duckworth was named to be one of five Democrats on the panel on Wednesday by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi D-Calif.

West is a former one-term member of Congress and was commenting on the Democrats on the Benghazi panel on Wednesday while guesting on The Janet Mefferd Show.

West attacked the wounded Iraq war vet, who lost her legs and mangled an arm when her Blackhawk helicopter was shot down in Iraq.

Said West, “I just don’t know where her loyalties lie. You know, for her to have been a veteran, a wounded warrior for the United States Army, she should know that this is not the right thing. And hopefully, you know, she will remember the oath of office that she took as an Army officer and not the allegiance I guess she believes she has to the liberal progressives of the Democrat Party.”

Duckworth is also is a lieutenant colonel in the Illinois National Guard. Kaifesh is a former Marine Colonel with combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, and 23 years of service. Duckworth, a freshman, is the front-runner in the contest for the northwest suburban 8th Congressional District seat.