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GOP's Phil Roe asks VA officials: 'How can you ... not throw up?'

During a hearing on the Department of Veterans Affairs, Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., put the full-court press on VA officials concerning their refusal to turn over documents to the Veterans Affairs committee.

Wednesday night at a House hearing on the VA hospital wait list scandal, Roe pressed Veterans Affairs officials about their refusal to turn over documents to the committee.

“What I don’t understand, as a veteran, as a doctor, as a practitioner, how you can stand at a mirror and look at yourself in the mirror, and shave in morning and not throw up?,” Roe, who is a veteran of the Army Medical Corps, asked Dr. Thomas Lynch. “Knowing that you have people out there … that can’t get in and are desperate to get in and someone making $180,000 a year gets a bonus for not taking care of the veterans. I don’t get that.”

He also presses the officials to turn over the documents and tell the truth.


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h/t: Breitbart