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Quinn: Spending plan sent his way by lawmakers incomplete

SPRINGFIELD-Gov. Pat Quinn expressed his dissatisfaction Friday with the spending package state lawmakers sent him, calling the legislation that was devoid of many of his top budget priorities “incomplete.”

A statement issued by his office didn’t make clear whether the governor intends to veto or amendatorily veto the legislation, which will cover state spending for the fiscal year that begins in July.

Here is the full text of the governor’s statement:

“The General Assembly didn’t get the job done on the budget.

“Over the past several years we have made so much progress to resolve our fiscal challenges, from cutting spending and overhauling our Medicaid program to enacting comprehensive pension reform.

“In March, I submitted a balanced budget plan that continued paying down the state’s bills, protected education and public safety and secured Illinois’ long-term financial future.

“Instead, the General Assembly sent me an incomplete budget that does not pay down the bills but instead postpones the tough decisions.

“I will do my job. I will work to minimize the impact of cuts in vital services while continuing to cut waste and maintain our hard-won fiscal gains.

“There’s more work to do to continue moving Illinois forward.”