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Liberals eat at P.F. Chang's and conservatives eat at Bob Evans

What’s one telltale sign that your community is changing its political alignment? Look no further than what kind of restaurants are moving in — or out. That’s because a lot can be gleaned from one’s political alignment based on where they spend their dining dollars.

For example, if you’re conservative, you’re much more likely to pull into a Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel parking lot, while the liberals are going to cruise on in to a Buffalo Wild Wings or P.F. Chang’s.

The data is compiled by Experian Marketing Services as part of a rolling survey of thousands of restaurant patrons. Each restaurant is given a score (100 is average), while a score of 120 is 20 percent more liberal or conservative than average, while a score of 80 is 20 percent less than the average.

Here’s a look at the customer base some of the major players in the restaurant industry are pulling from:

h/t: Wall Street Journal