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Harry Reid loves 'greased pig contests,' compares GOP to one

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) says he enjoys going to the rodeo and watching “greased pig contests,” but working with Republicans reminds him too much like one of those contests.

“Oft times working with my Republican colleagues reminds me of chasing these little pigs,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “Nearly every time we make progress we see it slip out of our hands and we see the Republicans scamper away.”

The remarks came in reference to an energy efficiency bill, where he said the GOP keeps changing its demands after deals have already been made.

If the GOP really is like a greased pig, it would be interesting to see how GOP Senate candidate Joni Ernst would interact with her own party if she gets elected.

That’s because she’s made it known she knows how to cut pork after growing up on a farm where she castrated hogs.

Via The Hill