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RNC launches new field operation, driven by data

The Republican National Committee is taking a page out of President Barack Obama’s book and launching a new data program called “Victory 365” that will link together field staffers and voter statistics.

The program is being modeled after Obama’s use of analytics to increase voter turnout and will officially be rolled out at the RNC’s spring meetings, Breitbart reports.

The RNC’s plan focuses first on “better data” by investing millions of dollars in its “ONEData” program.

Secondly, it will include new tools like smartphone applications in certain targeted states designed to help voter canvassing by volunteers knocking on doors in battleground states, along with new “query tools” called the “GOP Data Center” and “Beacon” to all 50 states and U.S. territories. The RNC says these tools will help candidates and committees develop analytics-based campaign plans.

The third plank is what the RNC calls “predictive analytics,” which officials say use “data science” to predict voter behavior.

The RNC also is moving to a “permanent ground game” with a full-time, nationwide field staff.

That staff will be able to use their smartphones for more personal questioning and then will use the uploaded data to target specific groups of voters with information from the GOP they’re most interested in.

Via Breitbart